Corporate Media Training 

My approach to media training is different. I call it +POSITIVE+ media coaching - understanding rather than fearing the media is what it's all about. 

In business how you communicate will determine how far you get and how fast you get there. Whether you're facing the media in a crisis or promoting a great new product I will help you do it better, no matter your experience.

Intensive on-camera training lets you develop the skills, techniques, and strategies you need to handle a broad range of interviews – print, online and broadcast.


My workshops for business include:

  • Developing and delivering your key messages.
  • Interview techniques for TV and radio
  • Dealing with hostile interviews
  • Delivery, body language and nerves
  • Facing a press conference
  • How the media works; from how a journalist thinks to how a story gets on air.
  • The tricks of the journalist’s trade and how to spot them.
  • Making the media work for you and your organisation.
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“Making the News" team-building day:

  • My crew of journalists and cameramen will put your team through their paces as presenters, reporters and interviewees appearing in the end-of-session news bulletin. 
  • The focus is team-building and confidence boosting
  • Designed for maximum fun for even the most reticent members of your team!
  • More seriously, the day is designed to highlight company values and messaging.


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