Tokyo 2020 - Why athletes must engage with the media

Dear Olympic athletes

Love it or hate it, the media should be your best friend at these Games.

No fans. No parties. No atmosphere. No crowds to entertain. No personal appearances. No victory parades. Covid restrictions mean Tokyo2020 will certainly be unique.

Never before has the media been more important to athletes.

With the venues empty it is only through the media that the world will hear of your success.    

I know, you’re doing it for yourself and your family, not for others. Rightly so. But medals alone don’t put food on the table.

Competing on the biggest stage raises your profile, generates new fans, lets you influence opinion, improve your sponsor-appeal and generate income – but only if someone witnesses your achievements and records your words.

I’m in Tokyo where I’ve seen how vast and comprehensive the media facilities are at every venue. Both traditional and new media.

The world’s top technicians have built you a...

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