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About Me

I love Italy (but then I'm biased). I love sport. I love languages. I love travel. I also love seeing others do better.

But you'd probably rather know about my coaching and professional experience, right? Then read on... 

Alec Wilkinson

Broadcast journalist. Sports commentator. Media and presentation coach. That's what I do (in English, Italian and occasionally French). I do it because I love it and I love it because I can't resist a great story - and that's where my Presenting Academy comes in.  

The Story

I was getting so frustrated by interviewing great people who struggled to tell their amazing stories that I started media coaching. 

I began in 2010 with young athletes, because that was my field. Since then I’m proud to say I’ve helped many sportsmen and women find a stronger voice and a better image through my +POSITIVE+ media coaching.

Learning is a two-way thing and since 2014 I’ve applied many of the techniques used in elite sport to my corporate presentation coaching.


What next?

Whether you have a conference presentation to give, a big TV interview to face or want to improve how you communicate then get in touch.  

My courses are always bespoke so whatever your level or sector drop me a line and we can discuss your needs.

Alternatively you can learn whenever and wherever you please with my online learning courses.  

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