"How you present and communicate will determine how far you get and how fast you get there."


On-demand eLearning courses & live remote workshops

When the pandemic struck my Presentation and Media Training workshops went online.

I offer video-led on-demand courses available to everyone, everywhere at any time. Also workshops for individuals and groups which I present remotely.



Media Training

I offer a variety of corporate and sports media training. 

Find out more about my fresh approach to media training - understanding rather than fearing the media is what it's all about. 

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Presentation Coaching

Whether you're a YouTuber or a PowerPointer, a conference speaker or experienced keynote speaker my bespoke presentation courses will refine your skills, build your confidence and ensure you always shine.

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Described as "engaging and insightful" my coaching techniques have helped a wide range of people and companies - executives, elite athletes, senior military personnel and social media influencers.  

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